About us

The Organisation Studies Research Cluster (OSC) takes a critical approach to studying processes of organising and organisations. Our research projects explore issues related to health and social care, gender, race and sustainability.


The research cluster for Organisation Studies was formally established in 2020 and our work understands the processes of organising and organisations as inherently political, and embedded in webs of social, political, economic, cultural and ecological relations of power. This means that our research is characterised by simultaneous attention to a) the wider contexts that organisations and human beings produce and inhabit b) intra and inter organisational processes c) power dynamics and asymmetries.

Our critical approach involves a scepticism concerning the morality, justice and sustainability of prevailing forms and ideologies of organisation, including ‘managerialism’, ‘neoliberalism’ and ‘capitalism’. We question dominant and oppressive processes of organising, by attempting to make visible the plurality of interests and asymmetries, and by exploring how such processes become naturalised and taken-for-granted. By doing so, we seek to engage with voices, groups and perspectives that are usually silenced in management and organisation orthodoxies and to raise awareness of alternative possibilities.


Our research agenda is interdisciplinary and focuses on understanding and probing processes of organising and organisations under the following theoretical focal points:

  • Workplace identity
  • Alternative organising
  • Relations of domination
  • Critical methodologies

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Our key sectors of study are: Health and social care, Non-profit sector, NGOs and Public sector.