The CCO Data Collective

The Communicative Constitution of Organization (CCO) Data Collective is an ongoing project that brings together international scholars to jointly analyse data from CCO, relationality, and performativity perspectives in face-to-face and online forums.

A CCO Data Collective workshop meeting.

Project overview

2020 saw the incarnation of the The CCO Data Collective project, which provides a forum of scholars, researchers, students and practitioners who share a common interest in CCO, relationality, and/or performativity to meet in-person and virtually to analyse and theorise data excepts. Dr David Hollis, Sheffield University Management School, joined Dr Ellen Nathues, Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany and University of Twente, Netherlands, as co-lead of this project in 2022.

Membership of the collective currently stands at approximately 50 members, who are mainly from North American and European institutions. Anyone is welcome to submit data excerpts for analysis or to analyse, theorise and discuss data excerpts. Any types of data around any topic can be submitted for analysis. The CCO Data Collective has generated a wealth of novel perspectives on data that have helped develop members' working papers and theses, offered titles for prospective journal articles, and led to collaborations between members.

Key research activity

Pre-EGOS colloqium, 'First CCO Data Collective in-person workshop', July 2022, The University of Vienna

EGOS Pre-Colloquium Development Workshop, ‘Analyzing and Theorizing Raw Qualitative Data as a Collective’, July 2023, University of Cagliari

Quarterly online seminar series  ‘CCO Data Collective’, Ongoing,


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