Leaders for business-as-unusual: exploring and sharing the experiences of business leaders who work uncompromisingly for ecological sustainability

The recording and production of interviews with Progressive Green Business Leaders and delivery of two events helped to develop understanding for academics and business people about the possibilities for leading, organising and researching in times of ecological emergency.

Planet Earth taken from space.

Project description

The project is co-led by Stephen Allen and Charles Barthold at Open University, UK.

Given the urgent messages about the need for radical changes personally, organizationally, and societally for ecological sustainability, and the ongoing dominance of varieties of capitalism around the world, it is important to explore radical organizational possibilities that exist within capitalist market economies.

The Progressive Green Business Leaders interviewed are identified from their public communications as people who do business differently, by working uncompromisingly for ecological sustainability. The voices of these leaders are generally neglected in the mainstream media and in university teaching. The recorded interviews have been produced and uploaded for others to use in their learning and teaching.

Listen to the interviews on Sheffield Player.

The project involved an online international event on 30 June 2022 for academics and business people at which the interviews were premiered. In addition, a workshop was held in Sheffield on 18 July 2022 with Early Career and Doctoral Researchers to explore the dilemmas and challenges of critically researching organization, leadership and management for sustainability.


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