4 January 2022

Women's careers research project: a joint research project with the University of Sheffield and Women to Work Sheffield

On 2 February, Professor Penny Dick will lead a workshop examining some recent research into women's careers.

A group of people sat round a table. They have a laptop and lots of papers.

The gender pay gap is something that has received a lot of media attention over recent years, as is the fact that women continue to be underrepresented at board level and in senior roles in many organisations.

Over the last three years, Professor Penny Dick has been working with Jenny Pollock and Emma Shute from Women to Work. Women to Work is a local business that researches women's understandings of their careers and work related experiences.

As part of this, Professor Dick will host a workshop, funded by Leverhulme, on 2 February 2022. At the workshop, she will present some of the findings of this research. Invited participants will be asked to work together to think through what these findings might mean for policy on women's career development, advancement and workplace inclusion.

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