Dr Ashley Cadby

Ashley CadbySenior Lecturer in Soft Matter Physics

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Biological Physics Group

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Research interests

  • Soft matter physics
  • High-resolution imaging
  • Nano-science
  • PHY 101 Tutorials
  • PHY 113/114 Computing Laboratory
  • PHY 115/116 Computing Laboratory
  • PHY 245 Materials (Lectures)
  • PHY 411/412 Bio-Physics (Lectures)
  • PHY 6120 Mechanistic Biology (Lectures)
Departmental administration
  • Biological Safety Officer
  • Lecturer listening program
Professional activities
  • Member of the IOP Nano-science group
  • Member of the PARC consortium
Recent key publications
  • Wang, L. et al. Highly confined surface imaging by solid immersion total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy. Opt Express 20, 3311–3324 (2012).
  • Parnell, A. J. et al. Nanoscale Phase Separation of P3HT PCBM Thick Films As Measured by Small-Angle X-ray Scattering. Macromolecules 44, 6503–6508 (2011).
  • SUN, D. et al. Hexagonal nanoporous germanium through surfactant-driven self-assembly of Zintl clusters. Nature 441, 1126–1130 (2006).