Professor Clive Tadhunter

Prof Clive TadhunterProfessor of Astrophysics

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Astronomy and Astrophysics Group

Research interests
  • Active galaxies, quasars and galaxy evolution
  • PHY104
  • PHY461
Departmental administration
  • Executive committee
Professional activities
  • Chair, PPARC Panel for Allocation of Telescope Time (2001-03).
  • First UK representative, ESO OPC (2001-03).
  • Chair, B2 (Galaxies) TAG, ESO OPC (2002-03).
  • Member, e-Merlin Legacy Oversight Panel (2007- ).
Recent key publications
  • Spectroscopy of the near-nuclear regions of Cygnus A: estimating the mass of the supermassive black hole. MNRAS, 342, 861-875
  • Starbursts and the triggering of the activity in nearby powerful radio galaxies. MNRAS, 356, 480-494
  • The co-evolution of the obscured quasar PKS1549-79 and its host galaxy: evidence for a high accretion rate and warm gas outflow. MNRAS, 370, 1633-1650
  • The heating mechanism for the warm/cool dust in powerful radio-loud active galactic nuclei. ApJ, 661, 13-16