Professor David Whittaker

Prof David WhittakerProfessor of Condensed Matter Physics Theory

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Research interests
  • Photonic crystals and polantons in microcavities
  • PHY313
Departmental administration
  • Postgraduate Research Director
  • Research committee
  • Timetabling Officer
Professional activities
  • Member, International Advisory Committee for Optics of Excitons in Confined Systems, Montpellier (2001) and Southampton (2005)
  • Chair, EPSRC Physics Prioritisation Panel 2007
  • Scientific consultant, Cambridge Displays Technology (2000- )
  • Member, EPSRC college (2003- )
Recent key publications
  • Classical treatment of parametric processes in a strong-coupling planar microcavity. Physical Review B, 63, 193305
  • Optical Trirefringence in Photonic Crystal Waveguides. Physical Review Letters, 86, 1526-1529
  • Origin of the Oscillator strength of the Triplet State of a Trion in a Magnetic Field. Physical Review Letters, 89, 246805
  • Spatial structure and stability of the macroscopically occupied polariton state in the microcavity optical parametric oscillator. Physical Review B, 73, 241308R