Prof Luke Wilson

Dr Luke WilsonProfessor of Semiconductor Physics

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Low Dimensional Structures & Devices Research Group

Research interests
Leading a team of researchers developing quantum nano-photonic devices with on-chip electrical control of excitonic and photonic functionality, providing access to new regimes of quantum physics and quantum technology applications.
  • >110 publications in leading journals (including high impact papers in Nature Materials, Phys Rev Lett, Nano Lett).
  • 25 invited talks at leading international conferences.
  • Total value grants (PI and CI) £16.5 million, 7 PI grants, 10 CI grants.  Work package leader on £5.6 million EPSRC Programme Grant on emerging Quantum Technologies (2016-21). 
  • Strong collaborative links established with leading international research groups.
  • Major advances include: On-chip electrical control of single-photon nonlinearities and generation of coherent single photons, novel site-controlled single photon sources, discovery of a new carrier relaxation mechanism in semiconductor nanostructures.   
Experienced at all levels, including lab and lecture modules such as First year Lab Head, PHY102 lecturer (Light and Optics), PHY250/251 lecturer (Solids), 2nd Year Tutor, PHY382/482 (Semiconductor Physics and Devices), PHY391 (Quantum Information Lab), PHY480 MPhys project supervision.

Research-led teaching - I led the development of a specialist UG laboratory for quantum optics experiments that are closely aligned with key departmental research activities. This unique (in the UK) UG lab facility, provides L3 students with a deep learning experience that equips them for further PhD or industrial research in quantum information science. The facility is used on Open Days as an example of our investment in innovative, research-led teaching.

Departmental administration
Departmental Director of Teaching 2016-2018. Led our successful accreditation (all UG programmes) by the Institute of Physics in 2017, writing and preparing detailed documentation and hosting the visiting panel. Chair our Teaching Committee, Staff Student Committee and Exam Boards and I am a member of the Departmental Executive Committee and Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee. Organise and run an annual Departmental Teaching Away Day, providing time and space for staff in the department to reflect on teaching and to explore current issues such as PLA and assessment.

Assistant Faculty Director of Learning and Teaching 2015-2016. In this role I acted as Achieve More Faculty Lead (2014-2016), working closely with the FDLT, relevant University committees and professional services teams to provide leadership and direction for Achieve More in the Faculty of Science.

Previous roles include Disability Liaison Officer (DLO) and Chair of Condensed Matter teaching vertical committee.

Professional activities
PI and leader of the Royal Society Summer Science exhibit ‘Quantum Light on a Chip’. More than 13,000 visitors (120 school groups) attended this high-profile, week-long exhibition (2015). Led the follow-up International Year of Light outreach day at the Royal Society (2016).

Established links with a local animation company and co-ordinated the production of a series of research-based animated videos, setting up a YouTube channel which now has >100,000 hits.

External examiner for all UG programmes at the University of Surrey (2016-present).

Member of University Senate (2016-present).

Member IoP National Committee for International Year of Light (2015).

Member of the IoP semiconductor group committee (2009-2012).

Consultancy work for Jaguar Land Rover and Intense Photonics.

Programme committee member for international and national semiconductor conferences.

EPSRC peer review panel member.

National and international (EPFL Lausanne, ETH Zurich) external PhD examiner.

Recent key publications
Hallett, D., Foster, A.P., Hurst, D., Royall, B., Kok, P., Clarke, E…. Wilson, L. R. (2018). Electrical control of nonlinear quantum optics in a nano-photonic waveguide. Optica, 5(5), 644-650.

Bishop, Z. K., Foster, A. P., Royall, B., Bentham, C…. Wilson L. R. (2018). On-chip electro-mechanical routing of single photons from an embedded quantum emitter. Optics Letters 43(9), 2142-2145.

Foster, A. P., Maguire, J. K., Bradley, J. P., Lyons, T. P., Krysa, A. B., Fox, A. M., . . . Wilson, L. R. (2016). Tuning Nonlinear Mechanical Mode Coupling in GaAs Nanowires Using Cross-Section Morphology Control. Nano Letters, 16(12), 7414-7420. doi:10.1021/acs.nanolett.6b02994

Bentham, C., Hallett, D., Prtljaga, N., Royall, B., Vaitiekus, D., Coles, R. J., . . . Wilson, L. R. ( 2016). Single-photon electroluminescence for on-chip quantum networks. Applied Physics Letters, 109(16). doi:10.1063/1.4965295

Foster, A. P., Bradley, J. P., Gardner, K., Krysa, A. B., Royall, B., Skolnick, M. S., & Wilson, L. R. (2015). Linearly Polarized Emission from an Embedded Quantum Dot Using Nanowire Morphology Control. Nano Letters, 15(3), 1559-1563. doi:10.1021/nl503933n