Dr Stuart Littlefair

Dr Stuart LittlefairReader in Astrophysics

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Research interests
  • Interacting binary stars
  • Brown dwarfs and low-mass stars
  • Star formation
  • High time resolution Astrophysics
  • PHY241 Observational Astronomy
Departmental Administration
  • Head of Second Year Astrophysics
  • Research Committee Member
  • Space Committee Member
Professional activities
  • ESO Observing Programmes Committee Member 2013-2015
  • ING Board Member
  • LSST:UK Board Member"Member PPARC/STFC Time Allocation Committees 2004-2007
Recent key publications
  • "Magnetospherically driven optical and radio aurorae at the end of the stellar main sequence", Hallinan G. et al, Nature, 2015, 523, 568. (submitted for next ref)
  • “The first millimeter detection of a non-accreting ultracool dwarf”, Williams P.K.G. et al, ApJ, 2015, 815, 64.
  • "The substellar companion in the eclipsing white dwarf binary SDSS J141126.20+200911.1", Littlefair, S.P. et al, MNRAS, 2014, 445, 2106. (submitted for next ref)
  • “Cataclysmic variables below the period gap: mass determinations of 14 eclipsing systems”, Savoury C.D.J et al, MNRAS, 2011, 415, 2025.
  • “Accretion-induced luminosity spreads in young clusters: evidence from stellar rotation”, Littlefair S.P. et al, MNRAS, 2011, 413, 56.