Emeritus, honorary and visiting staff

Name Role Phone Room Email
Blythe, Dr Harry Honorary Reader 0114 22 23580/24571 E31/C31 h.j.blythe@sheffield.ac.uk
Cancellieri, Dr Emiliano Honorary Researcher 0114 22 23550 E13a e.cancellieri@sheffield.ac.uk
Chen, Mrs Aiping Visiting Researcher a.chen@sheffield.ac.uk
Gehring, Prof Gillian Emeritus Professor 0114 22 24299 E12c g.gehring@sheffield.ac.uk
Itskevich, Dr Igor Visiting Researcher i.itskevich@sheffield.ac.uk
Oh, Dr Seungkyung Visiting Researcher E13b s.oh@sheffield.ac.uk
Nicholson, Ms Rhana Visiting Researcher r.b.nicholson@sheffield.ac.uk
Paling, Prof Sean Honorary Professor
Director and Senior Scientist; STFC Boulby Underground Laboratory
0114 22 24270 F34 s.m.paling@sheffield.ac.uk
Pollock, Prof Andy Honorary Professor 0114 22 24536 E13b a.m.pollock@sheffield.ac.uk
Rendell-Read, Mr Andrew Visiting Researcher a.rendell-read@sheffield.ac.uk
Sadler, Dr Stephen Honorary Research Fellow 0114 215 7022 BIOINCUBATOR E06 stephen.sadler@sheffield.ac.uk
Vickey Boeriu, Dr Oana Honorary Researcher 0114 22 23509 D27 o.vickey-boeriu@sheffield.ac.uk
Williams, Dr John Honorary Reader 0114 22 24533 F40 j.williams@sheffield.ac.uk