Emeritus, honorary and visiting staff

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Name Role Phone Room Email
Beyer, Prof Frederick Visiting Researcher 0114 22 24274 F06 ph4flb@sheffield.ac.uk
Blythe, Dr Harry Honorary Reader 0114 22 23580/24571 E31/C31 h.j.blythe@sheffield.ac.uk
Booth, Dr Chris Honorary Reader N/A N/A c.booth@sheffield.ac.uk
Cancellieri, Dr Emiliano Honorary Researcher 0114 22 23550 E13a e.cancellieri@sheffield.ac.uk
Cockburn, Prof John Emeritus Professor N/A N/A j.cockburn@sheffield.ac.uk
Gehring, Prof Gillian Emeritus Professor 0114 22 24299 E12c g.gehring@sheffield.ac.uk
Itskevich, Dr Igor Visiting Researcher N/A N/A i.itskevich@sheffield.ac.uk
Jones, Prof Richard Honorary Professor N/A N/A r.a.l.jones@sheffield.ac.uk
Keane, Dr Evan Advanced Visiting Fellow N/A N/A e.keane@skatelescope.org
Li, Dr Min Visiting Researcher N/A N/A m.li2@sheffield.ac.uk
McMillan, Dr John Honorary Research Fellow N/A N/A j.e.mcmillan@sheffield.ac.uk
Oh, Dr Seungkyung Visiting Researcher N/A E13b s.oh@sheffield.ac.uk
Paling, Prof Sean Honorary Professor
Director and Senior Scientist; STFC Boulby Underground Laboratory
0114 22 24270 F34 s.m.paling@sheffield.ac.uk
Pollock, Prof Andy Honorary Professor 0114 22 24536 E13b a.m.pollock@sheffield.ac.uk
Revin, Dr Dmitry Honorary Researcher N/A N/A ph4dr@sheffield.ac.uk
Sadler, Dr Stephen Honorary Research Fellow 0114 215 7022 BIOINCUBATOR E06 stephen.sadler@sheffield.ac.uk
Sahman, Dr Dave Honorary Researcher 0114 22 24541 E13b david.sahman@sheffield.ac.uk
Spooner, Prof Neil Emeritus Professor 0114 222 4422 E23 n.spooner@sheffield.ac.uk
Tulloch, Dr Simon Visiting Researcher N/A N/A N/A
Vickey Boeriu, Dr Oana Honorary Researcher 0114 22 23509 D27 o.vickey-boeriu@sheffield.ac.uk
Williams, Dr John Honorary Reader 0114 22 24533 F40 j.williams@sheffield.ac.uk
REF 2021 illustration

Research Excellence Framework 2021 results

The results demonstrate our research and impact excellence across a broad range of disciplines and confirm that our research is having a significant positive impact on lives across the globe.