I am thrilled to do my project with such knowledgeable and experienced people

Varsha Senthilkumar
Varsha Senthilkumar
Postgraduate student
MSc(Res) Particle Physics
Varsha's interest in supersymmetry drew her to Sheffield, where she's been able to work alongside CERN scientists as part of a supportive scientific community.

I have always been fascinated by the evolution of the Universe and the concept of ‘supersymmetry’, and was eager to explore and learn more about it.

This ultimately led me to study Particle Physics in Sheffield. While other Universities offered an MSc, Sheffield had the MSc(Res) option, which has a bigger research project.

I got to work with students and academics who are part of the ATLAS collaboration at CERN – my project supervisor, Professor Dan Tovey was the Head of Operations for the UK division of CERN.

I am thrilled to have been able to do my project with such knowledgeable and experienced people.

Varsha Senthilkumar

Particle Physics MSc(Res)

My professors, the PhD students and the postdocs in the department have been very helpful and have given me valuable guidance throughout my tenure. They have been friendly as well as tenacious in extracting the best from me.

The whole team is very friendly and motivating. Sheffield has laid a steady foundation for future endeavours at CERN.

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