Inorganic Semiconductors Group

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The Inorganic Semiconductors Group is active in a variety of topical areas in semiconductor physics, photonics and the control of interaction between light and matter. The activities encompass both fundamental and applied research, ranging from single quantum dot and single photon phenomena to quantum cascade and quantum dot laser physics and device physics. There are over 80 personnel active in Semiconductor research in Sheffield, making it one of the largest groupings in the UK.

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Low Dimensional Structures & Devices Research Group

Sheffield Centre for Quantum Technologies

Magnetic Oxides Group

Academic staff and research fellows

Key achievements

  • Very long coherence times of polariton condensates have been demonstrated
  • Nuclear spin lifetimes of up to one hour have been demonstrated in specially prepared quantum dots
  • Initilialisation, control and readout of single quantum dot spins has been achieved
  • Nuclear spin switching has been demonstrated for the first time
  • Microcavity pillars with record Q values have been demonstrated
  • A spin phase gate has been demonstrated using coherent control of single quantum dot spins
  • Ultrafast switching from photonic crystals has been reported
  • Bose Einstein condensation from polariton condensates has been demonstrated
  • World's lowest threshold 1.3 micron quantum dot lasers have been reported
  • Record long wavelength emission from Sb-containing quantum dots has been observed
  • Short wavelength records for emission from quantum cascade lasers have been achieved

The research of the group is supported by EPSRC, EU, DTI, DSTL, MoD, Royal Society and UKIERI