Magnetic Oxides Group

LaboratoryThe Magnetic oxides group is run by Emeritus Professor Gillian Gehring, Professor A. Mark Fox and Dr. H.J. Blythe.
The group is interested in magnetic oxide semiconductors and also rare earth manganites. We grow films by pulsed laser deposition and study the magnetic and transport properties as a function of temperature.
We also study the optical properties of the films including magneto-optical effects as a function of temperature.

Senior visitors

  • Minju Ying (November 2011-November 2012)
  • Xiaoli Li (September 2012 –August 2013)
  • Marzook Alshammari (September 2012- December 2012)

Our current PhD students

  • Hasan Al-Bargi
  • Wala Dizayee
  • Ahmad Saeedi
  • Fatma Gerriu
  • Aliaa Zaki

The MSc and MPhys project students 2011-12

  • Timothy Farrow                                        Dizayee PhD
  • Rania Alqurashi
  • Ahmed Taha                                                                                     

Recently graduated PhD students

  • Qi Feng (May 2013)
  • Mohammed Al Qahtani (April 2013)
  • Marzook Alshammari (January 2012)
  • Abbas Mokhtari (October 2008)
  • Anthony Behan (August 2008)
  • Mohammed Ibrahim (January 2006)

Current active overseas collaborations

  • Minju Ying at Beijing Normal University Beijing
  • Cheng Song and Feng Pan at Tsinghua University Beijing
  • Ahmed Alymani and Marzook Alshammari KACST Saudi Arabia
  • Xiao-Hong Xu Shanxi Normal University China
  • Vladimir Chichkov, MISiS
  • KV Rao KTH Stockholm