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Information about the University's partnerships and divisions with other companies.


University's spin-out companies

If you have any queries about the University's commercial portfolio, then please contact your Commercialisation Manager or Laura Madden (24434).

Absynth Biologics

Absynth has developed a distinctive, non-conventional approach to developing vaccines and therapeutic antibodies based on identifying novel, conserved bacterial antigens that are essential and also antibody-accessible.

Visit the Absynth Biologics website

Aclipse One, Inc 

Aclipse Therapeutics develops novel and highly differentiated therapeutics to treat diseases with significant unmet medical needs. 

Visit the Aclipse One, Inc website

AegiQ Ltd

AegiQ is on the mission to secure global connectivity with quantum light.

Using their patented semiconductor technology – identical and deterministic single-photon sources, AegiQ is building a full stack and platform-agnostic platform for the quantum internet of the future. 

Visit the AegiQ Ltd website

Asterion Ltd

Asterion is generating and developing long-acting biopharmaceutical products that can be administered at a lower dose, less frequently and with fewer side effects than existing marketed drugs.

Read more: Commercial impact of a Sheffield Spin-out (Asterion Ltd)

Cyberselves Universal Ltd

A University-funded project that explores the power of robotics, and how it can be used to transform our lives. 

Visit the Cyberselves website

Diurnal Ltd

Diurnal is developing a novel approach to drug delivery that will help patients suffering from reduced levels of the key hormone cortisol (hydrocortisone).

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Epipix is developing and commercialising game-changing microLED technology.

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Research carried out on Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy at the University has led to the creation of a new medical device that improves the accuracy of pre-term birth diagnosis.

The Floow Ltd

The Floow was founded in 2012 to commercialise telematics solutions that capture information about driving behaviour via mobile phones.

Visit The Floow Ltd website

FourJaw Manufacturing Analysis Ltd

The UK’s first machine monitoring platform that works for any CNC machine, and can help manufacturers boost efficiency. 

Visit the FourJaw Manufacturing Analysis Ltd website

Geoptic Ltd

Geoptic is a novel technology company focused on the exploitation of a naturally occurring and highly penetrating form of radiation called cosmic rays.

Geoptic has successfully applied the technique for Network Rail to non-invasively locate old 18th-century construction shafts above Network Rail's tunnels. 

Visit the Geoptic Ltd website

Keapstone Therapeutics Ltd

Keapstone is developing a novel series of small molecule activators of the Nrf2-ARE pathway for neuroprotection in Parkinson’s and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Visit the Keapstone Therapeutics Ltd website

K-now Ltd

K-Now, a spin-out from Computer Science, focuses primarily on social media and crowdsourcing methodologies for intelligence gathering and emergency management.

Visit the K-now Ltd LinkedIn page

LimitState Ltd

LimitState specializes in the development of powerful yet easy-to-use software applications which use unique technology to rapidly identify critical collapse mechanisms and associated margins of safety.

Magnomatics Ltd

Magnomatics is a high technology company that develops and manufactures products based on its proprietary groundbreaking magnetic gear technology.

Visit the Magnomatics Ltd website

Medella Therapeutics Ltd

Medella Therapeutics is focused on the discovery and development of novel drugs that interfere with the cell signalling activities of Receptor Activity Modifying Proteins or ‘RAMPs ’, which are implicated in diseases including cancer, inflammation, bone and cardiovascular disease.

Modulus Oncology Ltd

A first in class oncology portfolio company modulating the AM2 receptor for improved patient outcomes in tumour types poorly served by existing therapies.

Visit the Modulus Oncology Ltd website

Neuresta Inc

Neuresta is developing novel non-opioid pain medication.

Opteran Technologies Ltd

Opteran is pioneering its radical lightweight, low-cost silicon-based approach to autonomy called Natural Intelligence.

They expect their technology will significantly expand the potential addressable market for autonomy in machines and robotics.

Visit the Opteran Technologies Ltd website

Perlemax Ltd

Perlemax technology enables the super-efficient generation of micro-sized bubbles of gas in a liquid, which can improve productivity and save energy across a wide spectrum of industrial processes.

Visit the Perlemax Ltd website

PH Therapeutics Ltd

PH Therapeutics is developing novel antibody therapies to treat the orphan disease Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH), a chronic condition with high levels of mortality.

Phase Focus Ltd

Phase Focus, the Sheffield-based microscopy company, raised £3.2m in equity-based funding round in June 2012 to accelerate revenue generation of its revolutionary nanotech imaging and microscopy technology – the Phase Focus Virtual Lens®.

Visit the Phase Focus Ltd website 

Phlux Technologies Ltd   

Phlux is developing high-performance infrared sensors that will dramatically improve the performance of LIDAR systems. Our game-changing detector technology will enable autonomous vehicles to see further making them safer.

Visit the Phlux Technologies Ltd website

Pyroptik Intruments Ltd

Pyroptik Instruments is developing a novel thermal imaging technology.

Redbrick Molecular Ltd

Redbrick Molecular specialises in the development and manufacture of novel, high-quality organic fragments and building blocks for the industrial R&D community.

Visit the Redbrick Molecular Ltd website

Rinri Therapeutics Ltd

Rinri Therapeutics is a biotechnology research and development company engaged in the product development of advanced therapies to treat hearing loss. 

Visit the Rinri Therapeutics Ltd website

Seren Photonics Ltd

Seren Photonics’s revolutionary new LED nano-technology, developed by Professor Tao Wang, has been shown in tests to greatly increase the efficiency of conventional phosphor-converted white LEDs and enable ultra-high bright green LEDs.

Stratium Ltd

Stratium offers mid-IR emitting quantum cascade lasers that are initially focused at the gas sensing market. The company builds on over a decade of research into QCLs in the Physics Department & the EPSRC National Centre for III-V Technologies at Sheffield.

Symimetic Ltd

Symimetics is developing completely new materials for meshes for stress urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and hernia repair.

Zilico Ltd

Zilico’s Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) technology is incorporated into ZedScan, a post-screening cervical cancer diagnostic system that is more accurate than incumbent techniques and provides real-time information to the clinician enabling better patient management at the first appointment.

Visit the Zilico Ltd website

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