Commercial portfolio

University of Sheffield spin-out companies

Absynth BiologicsAbsynth logo
Absynth has developed a distinctive, non-conventional approach to developing vaccines and therapeutic antibodies based on identifying novel, conserved bacterial antigens that are essential and also antibody-accessible.

Asterion logoAsterion Ltd
Asterion is generating and developing long-acting biopharmaceutical products that can be administered at a lower dose, less frequently and with fewer side effects than existing marketed drugs.

Diurnal logoDiurnal Ltd
Diurnal is developing a novel approach to drug delivery that will help patients suffering from reduced levels of the key hormone cortisol (hydrocortisone).

thefloow_logoThe Floow Ltd
The Floow was founded in 2012 to commercialise telematics solutions that capture information about driving behaviour via mobile phones.

K-now_Logo        K-now Ltd
        K-Now, a spin-out from Computer Science, focuses primarily on social media and crowdsourcing methodologies for intelligence gathering and emergency management.

limitstate_logoLimitState Ltd
LimitState specializes in the development of powerful yet easy-to-use software applications which use unique technology to rapidly identify critical collapse mechanisms and associated margins of safety.

Magnomatics logoMagnomatics Ltd
Magnomatics is a high technology company that develops and manufactures products based on its proprietary ground breaking magnetic gear technology.

medella logoMedella Therapeutics Ltd
Medella Therapeutics is focused on the discovery and development of novel drugs that interfere with the cell signalling activities of Receptor Activity Modifying Proteins or ‘RAMPs ’, which are implicated in diseases including cancer, inflammation, bone and cardiovascular disease.

Perlemax logoPerlemax Ltd
Perlemax technology enables the super-efficient generation of micro sized bubbles of gas in a liquid, which can improve productivity and save energy across a wide spectrum of industrial processes.

PH therapeutics logoPH Therapeutics Ltd
PH Therapeutics are developing novel antibody therapies to treat the orphan disease Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH), a chronic condition with high levels of mortality.

Phase focus logoPhase Focus Ltd
Phase Focus, the Sheffield-based microscopy company, raised £3.2m in an equity based funding round in June 2012 to accelerate revenue generation of its revolutionary nanotech imaging and microscopy technology – the Phase Focus Virtual Lens®.

Seren logoSeren Photonics Ltd
Seren Photonics’s revolutionary new LED nano-technology, developed by Professor Tao Wang, has been shown in tests to greatly increase the efficiency of conventional phosphor-converted white LEDs and enable ultra-high bright green LEDs.

Stratium_logoStratium Ltd
Stratium, was launched in 2015 with a £300k joint investment from IP Group and Finance Wales, offers mid-IR emitting quantum cascade lasers that are initially focussed at the gas sensing market. The company builds on over a decade of research into QCLs in the Physics Department & the EPSRC National Centre for III-V Technologies at Sheffield.

Zilico logoZilico Ltd
Zilico’s Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) technology is incorporated into ZedScan, a post screening cervical cancer diagnostic system that is more accurate than incumbent techniques and provides real-time information to the clinician enabling better patient management at the first appointment.

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