Dr Kristian Magnus Hauken

School of East Asian Studies

Teaching Associate in East Asian Studies

Kristian Hauken
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Dr Kristian Magnus Hauken
School of East Asian Studies
Jessop West
1 Upper Hanover Street
S3 7RA

My research deals in great part with international actor’s (both national and subnational) pursuit of status and prestige in international and regional societies. My PhD thesis explored the concept of national prestige in Japanese parliamentary discourse. As part of an EWIS workshop project I am currently exploring the formalization, proliferation, and contestation of status symbols in East Asia, as well as working with the concept of stigma-management within a larger status-research framework.


Ph.D. University of Sheffield / Tōhoku University (2020)

MSc East Asian Relations
niversity of Edinburgh (2014)

MA (Hons) Japanese
University of Edinburgh (2013)

Research interests
The international relations of Japan. International Relations theory. International political sociology. Critical Discourse Analysis. Status, Prestige and Stigma in International Relations. Interdisciplinary approaches to International Relations.
Teaching interests
International Political History. Japan’s International Relations. International Relations Theory. The international politics of status and prestige.
Teaching activities

EAS6209 International Politics in East Asia