Current research students

At SEAS we have a thriving postgraduate research culture, and we encourage students to develop their interests and ambitions through pursuing a research degree.


Research students can study a broad range of themes centred on the countries of East Asia and, in addition, we make sure that they quickly become integrated into the department's research teams.

Below is a list of research students currently enrolled on our MPhil/PhD programmes.

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Thesis Title
Barrahmoune, Anass Population decline and Sustainable Development: a multi-perspective evaluation of the economic, socio-environmental, and socio-economic changeovers on the overall state of development in Japan.
Chen, Jaibei

Research on Diceng female poster from Kuaishou short-video platform.

Huo, Siming

I would like to research online games' influence on the cultivation of Chinese gamers' national identity in my PhD research. In my opinion, online games are increasingly a space for political movements.

Lee, Jeongwon

In Search of 'Coreano-Cubanos': Dynamics of Ethnic Identity among the Korean Diaspora in Cuba.

Lee, Shin Hye

This project explores the shifting identities of women who have defected from North Korea, the world's most isolated nation, to South Korea and eventually migrated to the United States.

Li, Pinyuan In Research Proposal.
Liu, Xinrui As per Research Topic.
Liu, Zhangbo

A study on the reporting on Chinese female victims of violent crime in Anglophone media, 2010-2020.

Sarracino, Callum Hew  
Pihaj, Luca (Dorothy) Japan at a crossroad: normalization or pacifism? The Role of the Government and Society.
Shi, Jiayin Rural-Urban Migration, Urban Village.
Toh, Junhan Perceptions of credibility with regards to the US nuclear umbrella deterrence policy in East Asia
Wang, Ziyi

Gender/Sexual Synchronicity between Contents and Subjects: Chinese Lesbians Subjectivity Emerging from Online Baihe Works This research will conduct a digital ethnography to investigate Chinese queer women.

Zhang, Huiyang

Explore Associations Between Older Adults' Internet Access and Usage and Access to Elder Care Services: A Case Study in China.

Yang, Shijia Research on Foreign Language Education Planning of Chinese Higher Education under the Strategy of the “Belt and Road” Initiative: From the Perspective of Language Education Policy
Zhang, Kaicheng

Analysis of low fertility rate in Northeast China.

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