Audrey Dugue-Nevers


School of East Asian Studies

Research Student

  • MSc East Asian Development and the Global Economy, SPAIS, University of Bristol (January 2013)
  • MA Chinese Studies, with Honours, Langues O’ – INALCO (2011)
Research interests

Thesis title: China & Soft Power
Academic Supervisors: Professor Hugo Dobson

My educational background and research interests focus on East Asia and particularly China’s changing role in the world, and encompass politics, international relations, international development, culture.

My PhD research aims to explore how an authoritarian state such as China is able to wield soft power by drawing upon its history and culture, and how China is adapting an American public diplomacy concept in its foreign policy to alter its image, expand its cultural and diplomatic influence, and enhance international cooperation.

Teaching activities
  • University of Sheffield POL232 ‘Contemporary US Foreign Policy’: Undergraduate level 2. Graduate Teaching Assistant. 2018/19
  • University of Sheffield POL236 ‘Contemporary Chinese Politics’: Undergraduate level 2. Graduate Teaching Assistant. 2017/18
  • University of Sheffield EAS370 ‘China’s Rise: Domestic Transformation, Global Expansion’: Undergraduate level 3. Graduate Teaching Assistant. 2017/18
  • New York University Shanghai Summer School Invited Lecture ‘Public Diplomacy, Soft Power, and Sino-US Relations: An Introduction’: Undergraduate level 2. Guest speaker. 7 June 2017
  • University of Sheffield FCS6100 ‘Research, Ethics, and Integrity’: PhD workshops. Graduate Teaching Assistant. 2016/17; 2017/18, 2018/19
  • University of Sheffield FCS670 ‘Qualitative Methods for Social Science Research’: PhD workshops. Graduate Teaching Assistant. 2016/17
  • University of Sheffield EAS6211 ‘Investing in East Asia’: Postgraduate level. Graduate Teaching Assistant. 2015/16
  • University of Sheffield IPS101 ‘State of Sheffield’: Undergraduate level 1. Graduate Teaching Assistant. 2015/16; 2016/17
  • Completed the Sheffield Teaching Assistant Award. 2015
  • Cambridge CELTA; incorporates the PTLLS. 2013
Professional activities and memberships
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA): professional recognition for teaching and supporting learning; UKPSF level D2. July 2019
  • Knowledge Exchange Support: award towards a conference. November 2018
  • The Sidney Perry Foundation: grant towards research, October 2018
  • Postgraduate Research Experience Programme : grant towards researchers’ experience, July 2018
  • Faculty Research Support Scheme: research grant towards fieldwork, January 2017
  • WRDTC Poster Exhibition 2016 First Prize, University of Leeds, UK, June 2016
  • White Rose East Asia Centre: travel grant towards international conferences, Spring 2016
  • British Inter-University China Centre, University of Manchester: offered a week intense course, travel, and accommodation, Spring 2016
  • Santander Research Mobility Award: research grant, January 2016
  • WRDTC Doctoral Researcher Poster Competition 2015 Prize, October 2015
  • SEAS Learned Society Fund and Research Support, 2015-2018