Luca Dorottya (Dorothy) Pihaj


School of East Asian Studies

Research Student

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Luca Dorottya (Dorothy) Pihaj
School of East Asian Studies
  • BA in Japanese Studies at Eötvös Lorand Univeristy, Faculity of Humanities (Hungary)
  • MA in International Relations at Eötvös Lorand University, Faculty of Social Sciencies (Hungary)
Research interests

Thesis Title: Identity in Japan’s International Relations: Negotiating the ‘Self’

Academic Supervisors: Professor Hugo Dobson; Professor Katherine M. Morton

International relations theories aim to explain and analyse foreign policy behaviour and global trends. Among the various schools, the Constructivist school says that identity and norm have constituting and regulative effect on interest thus foreign and security policy.

The research primary interest is how the Japanese identity is constructed? Who are the participants? What are the processes through which the so-called Japanese identity emerges? Can we say it is a negotiation process between the relevant actors?

In order to analyse these questions, the project will be built upon the Constructivist approach and qualitative research methods such as process tracing and narratives.

Constructivism also stresses the importance of language, therefore, the project will put emphasis on textual and discourse analysis.

My aim with the research is to contribute constructivist theory of international relations by further deepening the existing knowledge about identity and its implications. I will, also, test the concept of identity construction as a negotiation process.

Finally, I would like to contribute to Japanese contemporary foreign policy and identity analysis.

Published Articles

  • PIHAJ, L. D. (2015). The Japanese Quest for Security. [Special Issue: Security Policy Review]. Biztonságpolitikai Szemle [online] 8(2), pp. 19-32