Although the taught master's only lasts for one year, the course content is very rich.

Postgraduate student Wenxi Jia
Wenxi Jia
Taught Postgraduate student
MSc East Asian Business
Wenxi Jia is keen to work in marketing or business strategy in China and felt the MSc East Asian Business provided the best training and knowledge to support his career goals.

decide to study MSc East Asian Business?

I would like to work for marketing and business strategy in China. The MSc East Asian Business provides a series of business-related modules for students to get further business knowledge on the Chinese market and East Asian market, which are practical for future job hunting.

What do you enjoy most about your course and the subject you are studying?

International Business and East Asian is one of my favourite modules. Dr. Christina Maags helps us review China’s fiscal system and financial system, and combines Chinese knowledge with East Asian by analyzing tons of business cases.

What made you want to study in the UK?

Although the taught master's only lasts for one year, the course content is very rich, and I am very interested in British culture. I am the big fan of Wimbledon, and looking forward to watching live matches in Murray Hill.

What attracted you to the University of Sheffield?
Sheffield is a green and vibrant city. Except with University of Sheffield, few universities offer a similar course. For Chinese students, the University of Sheffield's ranking makes us more competitive in the job market. Therefore, studying in the University of Sheffield not only makes us sunny physically and mentally, but also helps us to find a job in the Chinese market

What is it like to be a PG student in the School of East Asian Studies?

First of all, the tutors here are very friendly and will help us with our daily life and study. Secondly, the resources in the School are very rich, covering books, teaching space, laboratories and career guidance. Finally, the people in the city are very friendly and make me feel at home during my first overseas study experience.

Do you know what you want to do at the end of your course?

Definitely, I have a clear plan and hope to find a decent job. I hope to find a job where I can apply what I have learned. By making an appointment for a mock interview at the University's career centre and revising my resume, the staff will help me clarify my future career development path and give me more space to think.

Has the department and/or University been helpful and able to advise you on how to reach you goals after graduation?

Yes! The Career Centre is useful for international students in University of Sheffield by providing potential job opportunities, mock interview in English and revising resume.

What do you like most about living in Sheffield?

I am deeply attracted by the green here. Sheffield has a lot of parks and peak areas and we often organise walks during our breaks, watching squirrels through the woods and ducks swimming in the lake. 

What has been the most difficult thing to get use to whilst living in a different country?

I think the language is the hardest part. In the first month when I came to the UK, it was very difficult for us students from different countries to take orders in the restaurant and listen to lectures in the sessions. However, this year, University of Sheffield provides recorded lectures for us to watch repeatedly, with subtitles, so that we can integrate into the UK more quickly.

Do you have any advice for students from your home country thinking about studying MSc East Asian Business at Sheffield?

First of all, I have to suggest to you that this is a great choice. Because there are a lot of courses related to the changes in the Chinese market, you can analyze the changes in the Chinese market from an international perspective, which is very critical. Secondly, I hope you can face everything bravely on your own, which is an extraordinary choice. Once you have the courage to open the door to a completely different world, you will gain an international perspective and different life experience, which are very valuable.

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