The Science and Engineering Foundation Year provides students with a useful and dedicated platform to grow and develop into talented engineers and scientists of the future.

Two Civil Engineering students on a Year in Industry placement. They have on hi-vis vests and hard hats and are standing in front of a propeller.

Science and Engineering Foundation Year graduates have gone on to work in industry and academia, in world-renowned companies and in lucrative careers.

Career destinations of our graduates

  • Rolls-Royce
  • Burgoynes
  • AMRC
  • William Cook Cast Product
  • ASML
  • Champtron Creative Labs
  • Ricardo Energy & Environment
  • Waterman Group
  • BAE Systems Ltd
  • Infotec Ltd

Our alumni

Job titles and positions of our graduates

  • Microwave Development Engineer
  • Forensic Electrical Engineer
  • XWB Transient Performance Team Leader
  • Pre Integration Engineer
  • Graduate Systems Engineer
  • Operations Manager
  • Frontend Engineer
  • Graduate Structural Engineer
  • Analyst Consultant
  • PCB Technician
  • PhD Student, University of Cambridge

A global reputation

Sheffield is a research university with a global reputation for excellence. We're a member of the Russell Group: one of the 24 leading UK universities for research and teaching.