'Being a second year Bioengineering student now, I am very glad I did the extra year'

A photo of Beatrice
Beatrice Schulz
Science and Engineering Foundation Year
MEng Bioengineering
The Foundation Year prepared Beatrice for her degree and beyond.

What drew you to apply and accept a place on the Foundation Year (FY)?

I initially applied to the Foundation Year because I thought it would be a good stepping stone back into Uni. Being a second year Bioengineering student now, I am very glad I did the extra year.

How did FY help to prepare you for Year 1 study and beyond?

It prepared me well not only for my degree, but beyond it as well. We did weekly labs with lab reports in Foundation Year, which has been very useful. I still have labs nearly every week that require some sort of write-up. Obviously, you need to put in the work, but the Foundation Year gave me the chance to explore the University and all that it offers.

What are your favourite things about studying in Sheffield?

I am still involved with societies and clubs, which is definitely the fun part of my student life. But even the stressful, work-heavy times are fun.

How have you overcome challenges so far and what would be your advice to a prospective Foundation Year student?

I try to study with friends and manage my time and workload so I can still enjoy it. And even if I get stuck, nearly all lecturers and staff are friendly and happy to help, which is amazing!

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