I am making use of my MA, utilising intercultural theory and practice day-in, day-out to work with partners in countries around the world

Postgraduate student profile for Cameron.
MA student
MA Intercultural Communication
Cameron on why he chose Sheffield for his MA


Postgraduate student profile for Cameron.

Why are you doing an MA?

I had wanted to do an MA at some point as. I knew I wanted to study international development but also wanted to make use of language skills.

What’s the topic of your MA dissertation and why is it interesting?

How (Intercultural) Communication Channels affect the Implementation of a Landscape Approach in a development project in Mozambique.

What's been the highlight of your course? 

A highlight of studying in Sheffield was the opportunity to meet such a diverse group of people. Sheffield's international vibe, particularly in the postgraduate student body, offers the chance to engage with people from different backgrounds, take alternative perspectives and widen your scope of thought.

This emphasis on taking a global perspective is fed into the academia, such as the opportunities for those on the MAICID course to partake in field research (I went to the Galápagos!) and the dissertation research placement with organisations around the world.

What support do you receive?

The support I received from the school and the wider university was invaluable. Aside from being awarded an Alumni Fund Postgraduate Scholarship, providing financial support which meant I was able to undertake the masters, I made use of a bursary that contributes towards the costs of university sports and accessed the OnCampus scheme - which offered me the chance to gain paid work experience in a university department.

The academic staff in the school really engaged me to develop - to question, consider issues from different angles and to reflect. This has been important going back into the world of work when demonstrating the value I can offer to employers in changing and improving working practices.

What are your plans for after your MA?

Since completing my MA, I have started working in the field of migration. It took a while to find a role, and I happened across mine by chance. I work for an NGO that provides migrants returning to their countries of origin assistance to reintegrate and reestablish themselves.

I am therefore making use of my MA, utilising intercultural theory and practice day-in, day-out to work with partners in countries around the world.

I have also had the opportunity to engage with migration network groups around Europe, meeting with representatives from governments to discuss challenges in migration policy and practice.

My MA has been pivotal in giving me the skills and understanding to approach these situations with confidence.

Moving into my role has also really cemented the need to persevere in your job search, take opportunities that come your way and don't be afraid to be assertive in shaping your role towards your interests.

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