Migration, culture and community

The Migration, Culture and Community Research Cluster explores, develops and disseminates a range of research activities within the broad fields of language and identity across cultural and national borders.

International students drink coffee at the Winter Gardens.

The linguistic, cultural and disciplinary diversity of the members of the cluster, along with the particular range of specialisms covered by our research and teaching interests, enables us to develop a broad and productive base for research.

Within our cluster, we foster cultural and linguistic research across traditional borders. In a time and space increasingly characterised by multiple alliances, linguistically and culturally, globalisation and regionalisation compete for attention and space. We believe that this is the time to nurture an open-minded attitude and climate in our research. Our basis as a School of Languages put us in an excellent position to exchange ideas and dialogues across languages and cultures.

Research is currently undertaken in the following areas:

  • Literature and migration
  • Migration and community studies
  • The language of the city
  • Transnationalism in literature in the visual arts
  • Multilingualism
  • Life-writing
  • Cultural production in post-imperial societies
  • Extra-textual modes of representation
  • Linguistic approaches to the representation and translation of identity in spoken and written language in film and in literature

Cluster Reading Group 2017-18

The Migration Culture and Community Cluster runs a regular Reading Group to provide the opportunity for researchers with an interest in this area to engage critically with comparative perspectives on a number of themes and topics. In our Reading Group sessions, there is also the opportunity to discuss 'work in progress'. 

The Reading Group sessions are open to anybody with an interest in this area of research. All session takes place in Jessop West, Room 2.30.

Date Text or Topic

15 November 2017
11:00 - 12.30

'White innocence in the Black Mediterranean: hospitality and the erasure of history'.
Ida Danewid, Third World Quarterly Vol. 38 , Iss. 7,2017
13 December 2017
Extract from: Europe after Empire. Decolonization, Society, and Culture. Elizabeth Buettner, Cambridge Uinversity Press, 216. 
15 January 2018
11:00 - 12.30
Peer reading session: Work in progress
21 February 2018
Tarzanism. Text to follow

14 March 2018
11:00 - 12.30
Note: JW SR1

Posture and Multiculture: Meizoz, Jerôme, “Modern Posterities of Posture. Jean-Jacques Rousseau”, in: Gillis J. Dorleijn – Ralf Grüttemeier – Liesbeth Korthals Altes (eds.), Authorship Revisited. Conceptions of Authorship around 1900 and 2000, Leuven 2010, p. 81‒93.

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The School of Languages and Cultures boasts a thriving research community of academic staff, postdoctoral research fellows and postgraduate students. 

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