Literary Studies & Cultural History

Literary Studies & Cultural History Research Cluster

The Literary Studies & Cultural History cluster draws together colleagues who work on literary and discourse analysis, examining the cultural contexts of literary texts across a range of countries, languages and eras. Cluster activities include:

•   Work-in-progress workshops
•   Study days
•   Roundtables
•   Postgraduate presentations

Key areas of expertise and associated projects:

National literatures

  • Soviet and post-Soviet literature and culture, Socialist Realism, Soviet national literatures, Russian and Soviet film, critical theory and Soviet cultural history – Prof. Evgeny Dobrenko

  • Distinctive German forms of early realism, and author- and text-focused research on many aspects of the German 19th century - Prof. Michael Perraudin

The canon / the non-canon

Modern and contemporary literatures

  • Modern Catalan and peninsular Spanish literature and culture – Dr Louise Johnson

  • Contemporary German-language literature, especially authors who rose to prominence after German unification - Dr Giles Harrington

  • Modern Latin American literature – Prof. Phil Swanson

Cultural history

  • Cultural history and popular and mass culture in Latin America – Dr Lauren Rea

  • Eighteenth-century French literature and cultural history - Dr David McCallam

  • Relationships between sport, literature and visual culture in Latin America - Prof. David Wood