Our range of undergraduate courses

You can study over eleven different languages within the School and, with our highly flexible degree structure, there will be a degree programme that suits your interests and ambitions.

You can choose from Degrees Programmes with one, two or three languages.

Our range of languages

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Degree programmes with ONE Language

Single Honours 

Concentrate on one language and the context of that language. We offer Single Honours Degrees in French, German, Spanish and Russian.

Dual Honours 

Combine a language with another subject such as history, philosophy or economics. Examples are French and History or German and Business Management.

Major - Minor 

Combine a language with a non-language subject in a 2:1 split. Your language can be the 66% or the 33% of your degree. These degrees are also known as 'with-degrees' and examples are French with Music or History with Spanish

Degree programmes with TWO languages

Dual Honours Languages 

Divide your time equally over the study of two languages, for example in a Dual Honours Degree German and Russian or French and Spanish.

Major - Minor Language 

Combine two languages in a 2:1 split. For example: German with Dutch or Russian with Czech

Combined Honours Triple 

Combine two languages with one non-language subject. This non-language subject must be from within the Arts and Humanities or Social Sciences. Examples are a Triple Degree French - German - Sociology

A programme with THREE languages: BA Modern Languages (BAML)

Major Language 1

This first major language will make up 1/2 of your degree. For your major language you can pick from French, German, Spanish, or Russian.

Major Language 2

This second major language takes up 1/3 of your degree. You can pick from French, German, Spanish, Russian, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, Polish or Portuguese.

Minor Language

For your Minor Language, which will fill 1/6 of your time, you can pick from French, German, Spanish, Russian, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Polish or Portuguese, or Luxembourgish. 

More information about the BA Modern Languages


Each of the following Sections offer many language-specific degrees. To find out more about individual degree courses, please follow the link to our Sections


Choose from a Single Honours French degree, or combine French with another subject to gain Dual Honours (for example, combine it with Politics, English, Music and many more).

Find out more about French degree courses

Germanic Studies

Germanic Studies offers Single Honours degree courses in German alone, or in German with Dutch or Luxembourgish. You can also opt for a Dual Honours degrees in German with another subject (French, History, Politics, etc).

More on German degree courses

Hispanic Studies

Hispanic Studies has a wide variety of language choices such as Single or Dual Honours, in which you can combine Hispanic Studies with another subject such as English, Computer Studies, Philosophy, etc.

More about Hispanic Studies degrees

Russian and Slavonic Studies

Russian and Slavonic Studies offers Single Honours degree courses in Russian alone, or in Russian with Czech or Polish. There is also a large choice of Dual Honours degrees which let you combine Russian with another subject.

Courses in Russian and Slavonic Studies

Other options

Modules for non-language degrees

You can also choose to study a language as one of your options on most University degree courses. The Modern Languages Teaching Centre offers a variety of language modules from beginners to advanced.

Modern Languages Teaching Centre website

Chinese, Japanese, Korean

You can learn Chinese, Japanese and Korean at Sheffield in our School of East Asian Studies.

You can study French, German or Spanish as either the major or minor part of a degree with Japanese. You can also study one of the above as the minor component in a degree with Chinese.

The School of East Asian Studies also offers a range of other degree courses involving Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Degrees in Chinese, Japanese, Korean