Above all, I love the variety of my degree. Having three different aspects to it; these being History, French and Spanish; it never becomes monotonous

SLC student Alex McCombe
Undergraduate student
BA History and Modern Languages & Cultures
Alex is studying the BA History and Modern Languages & Cultures, and is enjoying the variety it provides.
SLC student Alex McCombe

Why did you choose Sheffield to study Languages?

After going to multiple different open days at various different universities across the country, Sheffield stood out above the rest for a number of reasons; namely, the flexibility of the degrees on offer and the breadth of options and combinations. For me, I especially wanted to study History alongside languages, which was an option at many different universities. However, I was also fond of the idea of picking up another language. Being able to study two languages as well as another non-language subject was something that I didn't come to find at any of the other universities I was interested in. For this reason alone, deciding to study at Sheffield was a no-brainer.

What do you particularly enjoy about your degree programme?

I especially love the small class sizes for both lectures and seminars. It has made it particularly easy to make some really good friends doing the same or similar degrees, and I feel like all of my tutors know me on a personal level. Furthermore, it makes it impossible to shy away, which is the best kind of preparation for when you go abroad.

Are there any modules that you have particularly enjoyed during your degree so far, and why?

I particularly enjoyed my 1st year 'Understanding Modern France' module. I found it incredibly interesting to learn a relatively thorough history of France over the past few centuries. What really piqued my interest was the difference between the approach to French History from a French perspective that I was getting from 'Understanding Modern France', and from an English perspective, that I had touched upon through secondary school and was simultaneously learning about in one of my 1st year History modules.

If you're a dual student, what do you enjoy about doing a dual degree?

Above all, I love the variety of my degree. Having three different aspects to it; these being History, French and Spanish; it never becomes monotonous. I'm always in different buildings for different lessons with different teachers and so I never find lectures or seminars dragging, and they always feel fresh. Personally, this variety in the way my degree is structured really helps me stay focused and get the most out of all different aspects of my degree.

What do you like about Sheffield as a university and/or city?

I feel that Sheffield is one of the friendliest and most safe feeling cities in the country. I love the proximity of the University campus to the city centre, and also how close the city is to some of the most beautiful sights in the country in the Peak District

Would you recommend studying Languages at Sheffield? Why?

I would most definitely recommend studying Languages at Sheffield. I truly feel like my language skills have improved massively. The fact that a year and a half ago I couldn't speak a word of Spanish and now I feel (somewhat) confident in my ability to cope on my own in Spain is indicative of the quality of teaching here at Sheffield.

Do you have any advice for students thinking about studying Languages in Sheffield?

Go for it! As I mentioned previously, there is almost no room for regret at Sheffield due to the flexibility of the degrees, particularly those comprising languages. Even if you pick a language and don't feel it is for you, you can quite easily drop it or replace it with another language. The experience of learning languages here is so enjoyable that it never feels like a chore.

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