The general advantage of doing a dual honours degree revolves around the variety of different skills it gives you.

SLC student Finlay Ward
Undergraduate student
BA Business Management and Modern Languages and Cultures
Finlay discusses the advantages of studying a dual degree.
SLC student Finlay Ward

 Why did you choose Sheffield to study Languages?

The University of Sheffield has a fantastic languages department who are very passionate about languages. It is very reassuring to be part of a department who constantly remind you that your degree is fantastic and valued by society.

What do you particularly enjoy about your degree programme?

I enjoy the versatility of my degree the most. Every day is different and no week is the same in my degree programme. I have different languages to learn on top of learning about how businesses operate in the real world. This degree programme is giving me so much information which excites me. 

Are there any modules that you have particularly enjoyed during your degree so far, and why?

The language classes that focus on grammar skills and the comings and goings of France and Spain are the most fulfilling modules. This is because I can see my progress in changing from an intermediate to a fluent speaker which I find very exciting. I have also particularly enjoyed studying marketing and organisational behaviour modules during my time at Sheffield. Businesses are always trying to branch out into foreign markets as well as employing people of different nationalities to improve diversity. This interests me greatly as such tasks would require personnel with knowledge of business as well as language capabilities to be able to consult with clients or fellow employees. These modules therefore inspire me and reassure me that my degree is valued beyond university.

If you're a dual student, what do you enjoy about doing a dual degree?

The general advantage of doing a dual honours degree revolves around the variety of different skills it gives you. Finding work after university is very competitive and by studying multiple subjects, it can lead you down many different avenues. Furthermore, employers value versatility and a dual honours degree reflects this very well. For me, I could never go to university and study just one subject. This degree keeps me active and provides me with a large variety of different skills and capabilities, many of which I didn't know I possessed before attending university.

Please tell us about your preparations for your Year Abroad. Which country/countries are you going to and what are your plans (university, work placement or volunteering)?

I am hoping to attend universities in Strasbourg in France and Valencia in Spain. By studying 2 languages I am very lucky to get the chance to live and study in 2 different countries.

What do you like about Sheffield as a university and/or city?

It is a very student friendly city. There are student offers everywhere and university buildings all in close proximity of each other with the brilliant Student Union which feels like the beating heart of the university.

Would you recommend studying Languages at Sheffield? Why?

I would absolutely recommend studying languages at university. It is a degree that is challenging which is very fulfilling. A degree should test your limits and few do this more than studying languages.

Do you have any advice for students thinking about studying Languages in Sheffield?

I would advise you to stay positive and don't be afraid! It is a big challenge to learn about 1,2 or 3 different languages and their amazing cultures. But you are part of a very welcoming, supportive department with many like minded students. So, do your best and most importantly, have fun!

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