Megan on why she chose Sheffield for her BA

BA student Megan studies Russian, Spanish and German. She tells us why she chose Sheffield for her BA. Megan is from Sheffield and is an undergraduate student in the School of Languages and Cultures.

BA student Megan

What made the University of Sheffield stand out for you?

When I came to the open day I saw how passionate the students seemed to be about the university which was a definite good omen for me! They seemed to love the university and the School of Languages and Cultures which to me showed how satisfied the students were. I also really liked the flexibility that the School offered, that I could study three languages and the variety of languages to choose from.

What do you particularly enjoy about your degree?

I loved that I could learn three languages! It has opened me up to communicate with so many people all over the world, to travel to new places and to learn about different cultures. Learning a language isn’t just about grammar, it’s a new whole new way of thinking and communicating.

I also really liked the variety of culture modules I could study. There’s something for everyone! Everyone has the opportunity to have different specialities so can expand their knowledge on their own interests.

Did you spend a year abroad? Where did you go and what did you do there?

In my first semester, I worked as an English language assistant at a university in Zacatecas, a small city in the centre of Mexico and in my second semester I studied Russian at St. Petersburg State University. I also spent a month as an Au Pair in tiny village in Bavaria as I wanted to practice my German, too. I can honestly say that the year abroad was the best experience of my life!

I’ve made some amazing friends from all walks of life and I am so lucky to have found them here at Sheffield - it is such a diverse student community with so many societies that is simply impossible not to make a great group of friends.


Russian, Spanish and German

How did the School of Languages and Cultures help support you through the whole process from application to settling in? 

They were great from start to finish. Before you start studying here, you can easily contact members of staff via email and they always get back to you and are super helpful. Then when you get to the university you are assigned a personal tutor who you can speak to during contact hours or email, you can usually see them when they have a free hour too! They’re really involved and check in regularly from your first year to your final year.

What skills do you think your degree equipped you with and how will this add to your employability?

Being a native English speaker, people probably wouldn’t expect me to speak other languages so in terms of applying for jobs it is definitely a nice surprise for employers! It also shows that I am a good communicator - you have to be to do a language! It has also made me better at dealing with deadlines and pressure and has given me a better understanding of different cultures. Nowadays so many employers work internationally so having an understanding of and respect for other cultures is vital!

What are your plans after Graduation?

I’m hoping to eventually join the police in South Yorkshire, but the applications aren’t open yet so, for now, it’s just a case of working and saving some money. I’d also like to do some charity work in the near future, working with survivors of Human Trafficking.