Professor Mary Setrana visits from University of Ghana

Through the Erasmus+ mobility scheme, the Department of Sociological Studies is pleased to host Professor Mary Setrana from the University of Ghana.

Professor Mary B Setrana delivering a lecture
Dr Rebecca Murray with Professor Mary Setrana during her visit to University of Ghana

We are delighted to welcome Professor Mary Setrana to the Department of Sociological Studies this week as part of a developing partnership through the Erasmus+ teaching and training mobility scheme. The scheme will see Dr Rebecca Murray from the Department of Sociological Studies and Professor Setrana, spend time at each other’s respective institutions, sharing their expertise, experience and best practice through a number of different activities and events.

Mary B. Setrana is Professor and the Director of the Centre for Migration Studies, University of Ghana, Accra. 

Whilst here, Professor Setrana will be delivering a seminar entitled ‘A Feminist Migration Policy in West Africa?'  as part of the Migration Research group. You can book onto this event , taking place Thursday 18th May at 3pm, The Wave, Lecture Theatre 4, via the MRG webpage.

Professor Setrana will also present as part of our Decolonising Sociological Studies series which will focus on research into the growing recognition of south-south migration flows and their potential for reducing inequalities and achieving sustainable development in the Global South. 

You can book on to the event, taking place on Wednesday 24th May at 2pm, via our Decolonising Sociological Studies Eventbrite.

In addition to the seminar, Professor Setrana will deliver a Migration masterclass for PhD students titled ‘Decolonising knowledge production: perspectives from the global South’, which you can read more about here.

Earlier this year, Dr Rebecca Murray spent just under four weeks at the Centre for Migration Studies, teaching MA students, mentoring PhD candidates, shadowing Professor Setrana, presenting and participating in an extended international conference.

This experience enriched my own teaching practice and understanding of higher education in Ghana. It also afforded me the opportunity to develop detailed knowledge of migration research undertaken by staff and students at the Centre and travel around the country to build a network of contacts to support future research. I'm looking forward to reciprocating the warm welcome provided by Professor Setrana and her team, as well as dedicating time to exploring how we can continue to develop the collaboration between ourselves and our respective institutions

Dr Rebecca Murray

Lecturer in Sociological Studies

Professor Mary B Setrana and Dr Rebecca Murray
Professor Mary B Setrana and Dr Rebecca Murray at the University of Ghana

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