Yu-Ning Chuang

Department of Sociological Studies

PhD student


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Yu-Ning Chuang
Department of Sociological Studies
The Wave
2 Whitham Road
S10 2AH

I am a PhD student in second grade that I joined the Department of Sociological Studies in October 2019. I had two years of work experience of Full-Time Project Assistant in the Department of Journalism at National Chengchi University in Taiwan before I started my PhD study.

  • Master of Arts in Journalism and Communication in Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan
Research interests

Thesis: Construction of risk society: A corpus-based analysis of climate change, global warming, and air pollution in Taiwanese political talk shows

In my PhD research, I investigate how political talk shows reproduce environmental issues in terms of agenda-setting, content, and tone in Taiwan, and ask how public understanding of and public engagement with, an environmental topic is reflected in YouTube metrics and comments. Also, my research interests derive from my background, which was in communication and journalism, and have observed the problem of derivative social risks under the flourishing development of new media.

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