Image of August LindemerAugust Lindemer

BA Business Administration and Law, University of Oldenburg
MA North American Studies, University of Bonn
MSc Environmental Science, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


Twitter: @AugustLindemer

Thesis title / scope of research

Planetary Fever – The Climate Change Communication of Health Professionals.

My research aims to contribute to our understanding of health professionals and their engagement with climate change. Through qualitative analysis drawing on surveys and interviews with health professionals in the contexts of the UK and Germany my research will develop a comprehensive account of what climate change communication efforts different health professionals engage in and their reasoning for doing so. Through this research I hope to strengthen the understanding of health professional groups within a sociology of professions, contribute to the analysis of climate change in science and technology studies, and provide insights for the efforts to mobilise and facilitate the climate change communication engagement of health professionals.


Research interests / other experience

I am broadly interested in theories of practice, social reproduction and capital, and discourse and communication. My experiences with having studied a wide array of subjects also made me interested in knowledge integration and synthesis both within and across disciplines.

Teaching experience

Tutor in Behavioural Science
Community Attachment Scheme
The Medical School, University of Sheffield

Scholarships and awards

2018-2022: Grantham Scholarship, Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures.


Journal Articles

Assem Abu Hatab, Maria Eduarda Rigo Cavinato, August Lindemer, Carl-Johan Lagerkvist. Urban sprawl, food security and agricultural systems in developing countries: A systematic review of the literature. Cities, Volume 94, 2019.