International Women's Day, 2020


In the video below, Dr Kitty Nichols summarises the Level 2 Sociological Studies module Men, Feminism and Gender Relations (SCS2025) module, explaining the varied content the module includes and the wide range of skills students gain from studying this subject area at The University of Sheffield.

To commemorate International Women's Day, 2020, below are some of the vlogs created by our students for the Sociological Studies module, 'Men, Feminism and Gender Relations,' led by Dr Kitty Nichols. 

Phoebe Cooper examines the popular 2016 hit, Work From Home by Firth Harmony. Phoebe argues that the song's lyrics help to maintain gender roles through degrading lyrics, and displays and normalises hegemonic masculinity as a dominant form.

 Katie Weir examines the popular TV show RuPaul's Drag Race, exploring the struggles of identity formation of different groups within a wider patriarchal society.

 Emily Firth asks if both Lizzo, rising star and feminist icon, and Beyoncé, a cult classic, are promoting or hindering a positive message of feminism in positive society.

Lauren Evans discusses the work of global gender equality charity The Circle, and looks back over the history of feminism as she asks, 'does a global feminism exist?'

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