Student Code of Conduct



We’re a welcoming, diverse and supportive community. To maintain our working, learning and social environment, we’re committed to promoting the highest standards of behaviour. 

We aim to create an environment where everyone engages positively with the University and local community, and treats others with respect, dignity and care. 

Where necessary, we’ll take action to protect the wider University community.

Good conduct expectations

To maintain high standards of behaviour, all students agree to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct when joining the University.

Good conduct involves being aware of your own behaviour, knowing what’s acceptable and taking responsibility for your own actions. This includes:

  • being honest
  • acting responsibly
  • abiding by the law
  • being considerate and courteous towards others
  • behaving in a respectful manner towards others so they don’t feel harassed or bullied

Our regulations on the Discipline of Students are in the University Calendar.

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