Student Code of Conduct

The University is a welcoming, diverse and supportive community.


We are committed to promoting the highest standards of behavior. To maintain our working, learning and social environment, we are committed to fostering a University experience in which everyone engages positively, with the University and local community, and treats others with respect, dignity and care. Where necessary, the University will take action to protect the wider University community.

We expect good conduct from each student. There are clear expectations around this.

Good conduct

Good conduct involves being aware of your own behaviour, knowing what is acceptable and taking responsibility for your own actions.

Good conduct includes

  • acting responsibly
  • being honest
  • being considerate and courteous towards others
  • behaving in a respectful manner towards others so that they do not feel they are being harassed or bullied
  • abiding by the law

Good conduct is essential to what it means to be a University of Sheffield student. In order to maintain these high standards of behaviour, all students on joining the University agree to adhere to the University's Regulations as to the Discipline of Students for the relevant academic year in the University Calendar.

Examples of unacceptable behaviour which breach the University Discipline regulations include

  • violent, indecent, disorderly, threatening and offensive behaviour
  • sexual misconduct (this includes sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual abuse and any conduct of a sexual nature that is without consent, to include conduct online or via social media)
  • abusive, threatening or offensive language (verbal or written) including online or via social media.
  • bullying and harassment (this includes bullying of any individual or harassment of an individual based on protected characteristics such as race, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation).
  • action likely to cause injury or impair safety to students and staff both off and on the University campus
  • possession, supply and production of illegal drugs
  • behaviour which damages the good name of the University eg inconsiderate or anti-social behaviour in the local community
  • theft, fraud, deceit, deception and dishonesty

This is not an exhaustive list and more detailed information can be found in the University's Regulations as to the Discipline of Students for the relevant academic year in the University Calendar.

The University has formal student disciplinary procedures that are followed in cases where students are alleged to have breached these Regulations and these procedures can lead to expulsion, suspension, restrictions, fines and formal reprimands depending on the severity of the breach.

The behaviours described may also come within other procedures, such as the below: 

University's Harassment and Bullying Network (student login required)

General Regulations relating to Student Fitness to Practise (PDF)

Regulations relating to the Library (PDF)

Regulations on the Use of IT Facilities (PDF)

When considering what action to take against a student the University will consider the severity of the breach, impact on other students and staff and any previous incidents of misconduct.

Students are also expected to exhibit appropriate standards of behaviour when undertaking placements or as part of a professionally accredited course.

The University is committed to supporting students who experience any kind of inappropriate behaviour or challenging times at University.

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