Jam and Justice

Co-producing Urban Governance for Social Innovation


Jam and Justice was a 4-year project funded by the ESRC Urban Transformations programme and Mistra Urban Futures (2016-2020). The project set out to create a unique space for social innovation to co-produce, test and learn from new ways of governing cities. ‘Jam’ means bringing together different partners in the city to innovate to address shared problems. ‘Justice’ is about re-connecting with those who have been disenfranchised and excluded from the search for solutions. We were particularly interested in the value and practice of co-production to address complex urban problems and understanding how we can bring different groups together to achieve fairer and more inclusive outcomes for different groups. 

The Jam and Justice research methodology brought together academic and non-academic researchers – with different knowledge, skills and resources interested in making devolution matter in Greater Manchester – to test and learn about the theory and practice of co-production in research. Known as the Action Research Collective, the group’s primary role was to initiate, develop and undertake comparative learning from Jam and Justice's action research projects.


Beth PerryVicky Simpson | Bert Russell | Iona HineTim May | Liz Richardson | Dan Silver | Susanne Martikke | Alex Whinnom | Adrian Ball | Alice Toomer-McAlpine | Amanda Bickerton | Andrew Burridge | Jez Hall | Julie Asumu | Katie Finney | Laura Williams | Paul Maher | Sarah Whitehead

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