4 February 2022

Life of a cookstove project

Professor Vanesa Castán Broto of the Urban Institute at the University of Sheffield and local Sheffield film maker to Sean Lovell produced a film called ‘Life of a cookstove: energy stories from Mozambique’.

Life of a cookstove project

Life of a cookstove was funded by the Festival of the Mind 2020, the film explains how cooking happens in everyday life in informal settlements, often resulting in accidents from hot materials and respiratory problems due to smoke. With the use of charcoal stoves contributing to deforestation and air pollution, many organisations are promoting gas stoves as an alternative and a safer, more sustainable option.

The film argues that we need rethink energy future and focus on energy sovereignty. This includes reimaging our relationship with energy resources and challenging sustainable energy industries; giving people control over technology and business models and allowing them to participate in decisions about energy.

To find out more contact v.castanbroto@sheffield.ac.uk or info@seanlovell.com

This project is part of our Climate Urbanisms research

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