Climate Urbanism


Climate change demands urgent action. This call is heard most loudly in rapidly growing urban areas. Cities are key to implementing the 2015 Paris Agreement - a coordinated policy effort to combat climate change and adapt to its effects.

By focusing on cities as the most appropriate sites of action and prioritising the protection of infrastructures, climate urbanism is transforming the fabric of everyday life.

This theme examines the history, processes and implications of the rise of climate urbanism as a model for urban development.

Research Questions

  • What is climate urbanism and how does it differ from other models of urbanisation?
  • What perspectives inform climate urbanism and with what consequences for how we plan and govern our cities?
  • How, where, and why is climate urbanism embraced, promoted, or contested?
  • How is climate urbanism transforming the physical and social fabric of urban life?


Theme Lead: Vanesa Castán Broto

UI members: Erika Conchis | Ping Huang |Enora Robin | Hita Unnikrishnan | Linda Westman | Aidan While | Matthew Wood | Vicky Simpson

Associates: Jenny Pickerill | Pauline McGuirk | Xira Ruiz Campillo | Anne Maassen




Journal articles
  • Castán Broto, V., Robin, E., & While, A. (2020). Climate urbanism: towards a critical research agenda. Palgrave MacMillan.
  • Castan Broto V & Westman L (2019) Urban Sustainability and Justice Just Sustainabilities and Environmental Planning. Zed Books Ltd.
  • Castán Broto V (2019) Urban Energy Landscapes. Cambridge University Press. 
Book chapters

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