Sustainable Energy Access in Urban Areas

A new report explores the question of urban inequality in the context of providing energy access and achieving the goals of the Sustainable Development Goal 7.

Bangalore Vanesa Castán Broto

Sustainable Energy Access in Urban Areas has been supported by the CESET team and involves authors from Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico, Italy and Spain, including CESET's PI, Vanesa Castán Broto.

The report considers energy challenges and the role of local government. One of the main reasons to involve local or municipal governments in energy services delivery is that municipal utilities can help achieve energy sovereignty and engage local communities. Additionally addressing the energy gaps requires future energy research to address knowledge gaps: end user energy needs within their specific context and more data needed on energy use and demand of the urban poor living in rapidly urbanizing areas.

The authors conclude in a discussion of some of the challenges to mobilize transformative change at scale and provides final recommendations. These include:

  • facilitating opportunities for experimentation with off-grid technologies is essential
  •  a need to integrate energy access concerns within urban development planning
  • creating participatory processes that bring together people and experts to openly discuss services will play a critical role in achieving sustainable and energy access
  • a holistic approach to planning which addresses how these aspects are connected will significantly improve urban well-being.

The report is part of a collection of papers supporting the GOLD report. The GOLD VI Working Paper series, jointly produced by United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and the programme Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality (KNOW), was launched yesterday. This series has emerged from the process of producing the GOLD VI report, which will be published in October 2022, on the topic of "Pathways to urban and territorial equality.”

This is part of the Climate Urbanism theme

Energy access plays a vital role in facilitating sustainable development…. The supply-demand gap continues to widen due to rapid population growth, which has not been matched by a parallel expansion of electricity networks and clean fuel supply chains.

Modesta Tochi Alozie (University of Warwick), Vanesa Castán Broto (University of Sheffield), Patty Romero-Lankao (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), Pedro Henrique Campello Torres University of Sao Paulo), Matteo Muratori (National Renewable Energy Laborator

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