The evolution of business, jobs & society as data science becomes more pervasive by Clive Humby OBE

Clive Humby OBE

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Wednesday 29 March 2023
Lecture Theatre 1, The Diamond



We are on a journey with data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence becoming more powerful and being applied in more areas every day.  We started with areas where data could simplify processes like credit scoring, loan decision and consumer understanding, but as these methods become more powerful and more data becomes available, we see whole new areas like Chat GPT revolutionising areas like copy writing and the legal profession, failure detection via sensors, much more efficient supply chains in areas like engines, manufacturing and agriculture and an explosion in the ability to use facial recognition and other techniques across a growing estate of cameras and CCTV.

This raises fundamental questions for the government, society and ourselves.  Can legislation and ethics keep up with the explosion in capabilities?

About the speaker

Clive Humby has a passion and talent for helping retailers and brands find the best way to engage customers in order to maximise customer loyalty and retention to drive profitable growth.  He is responsible for creating the first geodemographic system, ACORN, in the 1980s.

First to coin the phrase 'data is the new oil' Clive has been transforming data insights into real strategic and financial growth opportunities for major businesses for over 40 years and across 30 countries.  

Clive is Starcount's Chief Data Scientist and a leading consultant on data and technology to both government and industry.  Starcount works with some of the biggest brands both in the UK and globally and Clive is pivotal in helping set and deliver against their strategic goals.

Clive co-founded dunnhumby where he and his partner, Edwina Dunn, revolutionised the Grocery and FMCG industry through the introduction of Tesco Clubcard, the first mass targeted customer loyalty and reward programme.

Clive graduated from the University of Sheffield with a BSc in Applied Mathematics & Computer Science in 1975 and was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Engineering from the University of Sheffield.  

In 2019, Clive was awarded an OBE for services to Data and Business. 

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