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How to get your event listed in the What's on section of the website.


The What’s on web pages list upcoming events taking place at the University of Sheffield that are open to members of the public as well as staff and students.

How to submit an event

Here's how a member of staff can get an event listed on our What's on pages:

  1. Identify the most relevant section of the public website for a page about your event to be located - probably your department website 
  2. Look up the owner of the website in the site owner directory by searching for the website section name
  3. Email the owner of the website section to ask that they set up a page on the public website about your event using the Event Content type (staff login required to access link)
  4. Email the owner of the website the core information about your event including:
    • Event name
    • Date
    • Times
    • Booking link, or information about tickets
    • Description
    • Image - an event can't be published without an image. It can be up to 2560 by 2560 pixels, but the minimum permitted image size is 800 x 450 pixels. Make sure you have permission to use, share and publish what you supply
  5. When the event page is published on the website, email with the page web address

It's essential that the page is created on the department website using the Event Content type. We can't accept an event if it is set up using another CMS Content type.

Once approved, your event will be promoted our current and upcoming events page. It may also be promoted on social media and included in an events bulletin.

If there is no suitable department website to locate your event page

If you don't think that there is a suitable department website to host your event page then a limited number of event pages can be hosted as part of the central What's on website itself.

You can request this using the form below. Please only do so if you have exhausted all other options for department websites to host your event page.

Request an event page on the What's on website

Events at the University

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