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The Alfred Denny Museum...

...was established in 1905 and named in 1950, after the university’s first professor of biology. At the museum’s peak, the collection spanned three floors in Firth Court. Unfortunately much of the information about the origins of the collection was lost in bombings during WWII.

Image of old museum from the balcony

Alfred Denny...

...came to Firth College - the predecessor of the University of Sheffield - as a biology lecturer in 1884 and stayed for 41 years. He became professor in 1888 and in 1905, when the university was granted its charter as an independent university, became the new University of Sheffield’s first professor of biology.

Image of the old museum

Alfred Denny was an excellent teacher and public speaker...

...one of his undergraduate students described him as “the best teacher in the college”. His course of public lectures on “Evolution and Adaptation in the Animal World”, drew an audience of over 600 people each night. He created this significant zoology collection to aid in his teaching.

Image of an old teaching lab


...the museum has been reduced in size and relocated to a room in the modern Alfred Denny Building which houses the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences.

Alfred Denny Museum history

Image of the new museum