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The National Student Survey 2021

The NSS is a nationally recognised annual survey of final year undergraduates in the UK. The survey provides students with an opportunity to give their honest opinions on what they liked about their time on their course at Sheffield as well as things that they feel could have been improved. 

What is the NSS?

  • Annual survey of final year undergraduates across the UK
  • Asks students to comment on their course experience
  • Run independently by Ipsos MORI
  • Quick and easy to complete

The National Student Survey 2021 launches at the University of Sheffield on Monday 8 February and closes on Friday 30 April. The NSS asks a range of questions about your course experience - and eligible students will be sent an invitation email to complete the survey during the launch week.

What will the NSS ask me?

The survey is administered by Ipsos MORI, an independent market research agency, so answers remain anonymous at all times. Typical questions include:

  • The teaching on my course
  • Learning opportunities 
  • Assessment & feedback
  • Academic support
  • Learning resources
  • Learning community
  • Overall satisfaction

How are the results used?

The NSS results are made publicly available to help prospective students make informed decisions of where and what to study.

Institutions are provided with the anonymised data to help them identify areas where they are doing well, as well as areas for development, for the purpose of improving the student learning experience for future generations of students.

Changes made following previous surveys:

  • Improved and prompt feedback through electronic marking
  • More accessible guidance on module choice
  • Improved system for student feedback on modules
  • Enhanced engagement coordinated by the Student Staff Committee 
  • Regular 'you said, we did' updates on Blackboard