The Image Speaks: Archaeology PhD student participates in a collaborative exhibition

Natasha Andronikou, a third-year PhD student in the Department of Archaeology was one of the participants in this year's The Image Speaks, a collaborative exhibition between photographer Andy Brown and PhD students from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Natasha's PhD research investigates they way that dress contributed to the 'othering' of non-citizen women in ancient Athens - looking specifically at depictions of Amazons, prostitutes, maenads and Thracians on decorated pottery from the sixth through fourth centuries BC. Her work demonstrates that through a study of dress it is possible to understand the place of the female ‘other’ in the citizen-male imagination.

In her The Image Speaks project, Natasha worked with photographer Andy Brown, to create a series of images that recreate and reimagine the sterotypical dress choices Athenians associated with Amazons, maenads, prostitutes and foreign Thracian women.

This project allowed me to see that the female body still retains within it a sexuality that can be read as negative or positive, aggressive or passive, nude or naked depending on the dress types used to supplement it.

Natasha andronikou

The Image Speaks exhibition is currently on display in the Jessop West foyer at the University of Sheffield.

For more information on The Image Speaks and to view the full 2016 catalogue see here:

Image investigating Amazon, maenad, prostitute and Thracian dress