Petrie Watson funding supports our student research experiences

Each year the Faculty of Arts and Humanities announces the Petrie Watson Exhibitions, small grants for current students studying within the faculty at The University of Sheffield. This year, several of our Archaeology students received support for various research experiences.

Lamia Sassine - Research trip

Lamia Sassine, a PhD student, at a museum in Spain.

For her WE award, Lamia travelled to Spain in order to conduct field research in museums, as part of her research on the displays of material that has been identified as Phoenician in various museums across the Mediterranean in order to investigate the different perceptions of Phoenician cultural identity.

Museums in Spain are crucial to my research project in that Spain played a central and particularly important role in the Phoenician Iron Age network. In addition, Spain is one of the most important centres of contemporary Phoenician archaeology.

Lamia Sassine, PhD student

Department of Archaeology

Delaney Mitchell - Bioarchaeology internship

Archaeology student Delaney at a dig site.

Delaney’s PWE award helped to support her time working in the M.H. Wiener Lab at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens as a bioarchaeology intern. Her work involved assisting in the osteological analysis and cataloguing of skeletal remains from sites that date from the Neolithic period to classical Greece.

The internship is meant to expand the osteological and paleopathological analysis skill set I have acquired as part of my master’s curriculum, allowing me to apply my skills to new skeletal populations from different time periods and regions. I will apply the new skills I will acquire to my master’s dissertation, which involves the analysis of immature individuals.

Delaney Mitchell, MSc Student

Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology

Mauro Rizzetto - Conference attendance

Mauro’s PWE will support his participation in the European Association of Archaeologists conference (Bern, Switzerland) in September.

The city centre in Bern, Switzerland

I'll be presenting the results of my PhD, which deals with changes in animal husbandry between the Late Roman and the Early Anglo-Saxon periods in Britain, with a comparison to what happens in the Lower Rhineland (The Netherlands) in the same period.

Mauro Rizzetto, PhD student

Department of Archaeology

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