Dream digs and courses worldwide with Petrie Watson Exhibitions funding

Three Archaeology students, with a range of research interests, have recently been awarded Petrie Watson Exhibitions funding.

Petrie Watson Exhibitions run yearly and are open to students from the Arts and Humanities faculty. Successful applicants receive between £250-750 towards extra-curricular activities complementary to their academic pursuits.

MA Classical and Ancient World student Christina Westhoff successfully applied to participate in the excavations of the Roman Imperial Estate in Vagnari, Italy, overseen by Professor Maureen Carroll. Westhoff applied to the Vagnari dig “to gain practical experience of working on a Roman archaeological site, which I have not had the opportunity to do before.”

She added: “The field school will facilitate the training and development of my fieldwork skills, as well as provide a valuable opportunity to further my knowledge and understanding of the Roman world.”

Petrie Watson Exhibitions fund winners
Petrie Watson Exhibitions fund winners (L to R): Carrie Sawtell, Christina Westhoff and Helen Donnelly

First year postgraduate student Carrie Sawtell will use her funding to complete an epigraphy course offered by the British School at Athens, gaining first-hand experience of deciphering epigraphic evidence.

Sawtell sees the course as “a chance to meet masters and PhD students with similar research interests and methodological approaches. The research and library facilities at the British and American Schools at Athens are unparalleled, giving me access to material not held in Sheffield.”

Part-time undergraduate student Helen Donnelly will use her funding to attend the conference Protolang 4 in Rome in September 2015, which focuses on the evolution of language.

Donnelly said she applied to attend Protolang 4 because “it has brought together research leaders from around the globe across a diverse range of disciplines including anthropology, archaeology, cognitive psychology, computer-modelling, linguistics, musicology, neurology, primatology, philosophy, and zoology, to present and discuss the latest research developments concerning possible origins and mechanisms of the evolution of language.”

For more information about Petrie Watson Exhibitions, and how you can apply, go to www.sheffield.ac.uk/students/petriewatson.