Congratulations to Dr. Lenny Salvagno

Congratulations to Dr. Lenny Salvagno who has been awarded a Gerda Henkel Stiftung postdoctoral research scholarship.

Lenny’s postdoctoral project ‘From pannage to sty keeping: a multi-methodological approach to the study of pig husbandry changes during the Late Medieval - Early Modern transition in England’ will study changes in pig management which took place during the transition between the late (1400-1500 AD) and post medieval periods (1500-1750 AD) in England, using a zooarchaeological approach.

As Lenny explains, this period of transition is very important as it brought up new ways of thinking, which are very incompletely understood.

Specifically, in this period mechanisms of breed selection and livestock improvement began, providing the foundations for the creation of modern domestic pig populations.

This project will move from site-based studies to a regional scale approach, and will use a diversity of established methods, such as species abundance, age at death profiles, and dietary reconstructions, and approaches previously untried -- at least in an integrated form -- such as two-dimensional geometric morphometrics (2D GMM).

It will tackle the key research question of how the change from a free-range based husbandry style to the enclosure of pigs in sties occurred. This husbandry transition had important implications for the nature of the human-animal relationship, food production, settlement pattern and landscape use.

Congratulations again!

Dr Lenny Salvagno