Professor Bob Johnston

Department of Archaeology

Head of Department

Professor of Landscape Archaeology

Dr Bob Johnston
+44 114 222 2941

Full contact details

Professor Bob Johnston
Department of Archaeology
Room D08
Minalloy House
Regent Street
S10 2TN
Research interests
  • Landscape archaeology
  • Bronze Age Britain and Ireland
  • The archaeology of upland landscapes, particularly in western Britain
  • Prehistoric land enclosure in north-west Europe.
  • Community heritage
Research group

I would welcome applications from students interested in pursuing research into:

  • Landscape archaeology
  • Bronze Age archaeology of Britain and Ireland
  • Social and cultural aspects of later prehistoric agriculture
  • The archaeology of highlands, uplands and mountains
  • Theoretical approaches to human-environment relations.
  • Community and public archaeology

Current Research Students

  • Chris Dwan - Landscape stability and the formation of social memory in prehistoric Britain
  • Siân Evans - A woman in the forge: experiences, mythology and history
  • Barry Heafield - A comparative study of Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age monumentality in the Peak District, Derbyshire, UK
  • Rebecca Hearne - Archaeology as therapeutic practice: a narrative investigation
  • Emily La Trobe-Bateman - Snowdonia's Early Fieldscapes
  • David Inglis - The impact of Roman lead production on the formation of the militarised and rural landscapes of the Derbyshire Peak District
  • Caitlin Nagle - A multi-proxy investigation of Late Holocene coastal landscapes in North Wales: modelling impacts of past and future climate change
  • Colombine Neal - Water takes land: interactive deep maps of England's lost villages
Teaching activities


  • Archaeology Matters (co-ordinator)
  • Later Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain and Ireland (co-ordinator)
  • Work-based Learning (co-ordinator)
  • Human Origins, Migrations and Identities
  • Archaeology of Britain: from Prehistory to the Industrial Revolution
  • Thinking Through Archaeology


  • Heritage, Place and Community (co-ordinator)
  • Landscape Survey Project (co-ordinator)
  • Later Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain and Ireland (co-ordinator)
  • Rethinking Archaeology (co-ordinator)
Selected and Recent Publications
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  • Griffiths, S., Johnston, R., May, R., McOmish, D., Marshall, P., Last, J., and Bayliss, A. 2021. Dividing the land: time and land division in the English North Midlands and YorkshireEuropean Journal of Archaeology, 1-22.
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