Professor Keith BraniganKeith Branigan

Emeritus Professor

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Professor Keith Branigan, BA, PhD, FSA was appointed to the first Chair of Archaeology at Sheffield in 1976. He has researched and published extensively on the prehistory of the Aegean and on Roman Britain. His special interests are in funerary behaviour, early metallurgy and the relationships between town and country.


Principal Field Projects

  • Latimer (Bucks) Romano-British villa excavation 1964-71 (Definitive monograph publication 1971)
  • Gatcombe (Avon) Romano-British villa/settlement survey and excavation 1967-1976 (Definitive monograph publication 1977)
  • Ayiofarango (Crete) Multi-period intensive survey 1971-72 (Definitive publications 1975,1977)
  • Ayia Kyriaki (Crete) Early Bronze Age cemetery excavation 1972 (Definitive publication 1982)
  • Barra and Vatersay (Outer Hebrides) Multi-period survey and excavation 1988 - 2000 (Definitive monograph publication 1995, 2000, third volume in prep)
  • Ziros (Crete) Multi-period field survey 1994-95
  • (Definitive publication 1999)
  • Frocester (Glos) Romano-British villa environs excavation 1996-1998 (Defintive publication in prep)

Principal Funded Research Projects

  • Romano-British Caves project (Leverhulme) 1989-91,1993 Publication: 2 monographs and 9 papers
  • Romano-British Coal project (Leverhulme ) 1993 Publication: Two papers
  • Minoan Finger-Print project (INSTAP) 1999 Publication: in press (one paper)
  • Hebridean Emigration project (Leverhulme; LEADER; Scouloudi + British Academy) Publication: Monograph in preparation for publication 2005).
  • EBA Cemeteries in the Asterousia, Crete (INSTAP, British Academy, BSA, Mediterranean Archaeological Trust) Publication: Monograph in preparation for publication 2005)


Summary of Publications.

22 authored books including (*= co-authored):

The Tombs of Mesara (1970)
Reconstructing the Past (1974)
Aegean Metalwork of the Early and Middle Bronze Age (1975)
Gatcombe: Excavation and Study of an R-B Villa Estate (1977)
The Roman Villa in South-West England (1977)
Hellas (1980)*
The Catuvellauni (1986)
Pre-palatial (1988)
Romano-British Cavemen (1992)*
Dancing with Death (1993)
Barra: Archaeological Research on Ben Tangaval (1995)*
From Barra to Berneray* (2000)
Barra and the Bishops Isles* (2002)

7 edited books including (* co-edited')

The Roman-West Country (1976)*
Rome and the Brigantes (1980)
The Economies of Romano-British Villas (1988)*
The Archaeology of the Chilterns (1994)
Cemetery & Society in the Aegean Bronze Age (1998)
Urbanism in the Aegean Bronze Age (2002)

Author or co-author of 150+ papers in journals, conference proceedings etc