Dr Angelos HadjikoumisAngelos Hadjikoumis

Research Technician and Demonstrator in Zooarchaeology

BA, MSc, PhD

+44 (0)114-2222 930

Email: a.hadjikoumis@sheffield.ac.uk

Department address
Department of Archaeology
University of Sheffield
Minalloy House. Room D13
10 – 16 Regent Street
S1 3NJ
United Kingdom



I have been a zooarchaeologist for the last 11 years with work and research experience in several countries such as the UK, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus and Iraq. After receiving my Ptychion (BA) in History and Archaeology from the University of Athens, I pursued postgraduate studies (MSc in Environmental Archaeology and Palaeoeconomy) at the University of Sheffield, followed by a PhD in zooarchaeology. Since the completion of my PhD in 2010, I was involved in several post-doctoral research projects in several countries and a one-year post in the commercial archaeology sector. I am now delighted for my return to the Department of Archaeology, which gives me the opportunity to contribute to the high-quality teaching and stimulating research environment it offers.


Research Interests

• Mediterranean zooarchaeology
• Near/Middle Eastern zooarchaeology
• Iberian zooarchaeology
• British zooarchaeology
• Ethnozooarchaeology
• Stable isotope analysis

Current Research Projects / Collaborations

• Zooarchaeologist for the Greco-American Diros Project focusing on the Neolithic-Bronze Age Alepotrypa cave (Greece)
• Zooarchaeologist (supported by the British School at Athens, University of Athens and University of Sheffield) for the excavation of multi-period Tell Nader in Erbil (Kurdish Autonomous Region, Iraq)
• Zooarchaeological study of several Neolithic-Early Helladic (Bronze Age) faunal assemblages from Attica (supported by British School at Athens and Greek Archaeological Ephorates)
• Involved as a zooarchaeologist and other capacities in a variety of projects in Cyprus, both with the Department of Antiquities and foreign archaeological missions.



Journal articles

Kopanias K., Beuger C., Carter T., Fox S., Hadjikoumis A., Kourtessi-Philippakis G., Livarda A. and MacGinnis J. (2013) The Tell Nader and Tell Baqrta Project in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Preliminary Report of the 2011 season. SUBARTU 6-7: 23-57.

Hadjikoumis A. (2012) Traditional pig herding practices in southwest Iberia: questions of scale and archaeological implications. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 31: 353-364.

Edited books

Hadjikoumis A., Robinson E. and Viner S. (eds.) (2011) The dynamics of neolithisation in Europe: studies in honour of Andrew Sherratt. Oxford: Oxbow Books.

Book chapters

Hadjikoumis A. (2017) Age-at-death in Cypriot traditional sheep and goat husbandry: the implications for zooarchaeology. In P. Rowley-Conwy, P. Halstead and D. Serjeantson (eds.) Economic Zooarchaeology: studies in hunting, herding and early agriculture, 126-134. Oxford: Oxbow Books.

Hadjikoumis A. (accepted) The macrofaunal assemblage of Alepotrypa cave. In A. Papathanasiou, M. L. Galaty, P. Karkanas, W. A. Parkinson & D. J. Pullen (eds.), Alepotrypa Cave in the Mani, Greece: A festschrift to honor Dr. Giorgos Papathanassopoulos on the occasion of his 90th birthday. Oxford: Oxbow.

Hadjikoumis A. (accepted) The faunal remains from the Late Medieval Cistercian nunnery of St Theodore (Nicosia, Cyprus). In E. Zachariou, C. Schabel & M. Olympios (eds.), A Cistercian Nunnery in the Latin East: The History and Archaeology of St Theodore Abbey, Nicosia, Cyprus. Leiden: Brill (The Medieval Mediterranean Series).

Hadjikoumis A. (2016) Animal husbandry and other human-animal interactions in Late Ubaid-Early Uruk northern Iraq: the faunal remains from the 2012 excavation season at Tell Nader. In K. Kopanias & J. MacGinnis (eds.) The Archaeology of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, 87-99. Oxford: Archaeopress.

Hadjikoumis A. (2016) Every dog has its day: first glimpses into everyday life in Early Bronze Age Attica. In N. Marom, R. Yeshurun, L. Weissbrod and G. Bar-Oz (eds) Bones and identity: zooarchaeological approaches to reconstructing social and cultural landscapes in southwest Asia, 225-245. Oxford: Oxbow Books.

Hadjikoumis A. (2011) ‘Pig-menting’ the Spanish Neolithic. In A. Hadjikoumis, E. Robinson and S. Viner (eds.) The dynamics of neolithisation in Europe: studies in honour of Andrew Sherratt, 196-230. Oxford: Oxbow Books.