Ancestral Acts: Experiencing the Past Through Experimental Archaeology by Kevin Andrews and Roger Doonan

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Archaeology is paradoxical. On the one hand, academics present a sterile, scholarly past - a place spoken about with reserve and caution. On the other, at heritage centres the public are tantalised by romanticised images of the past, from which colourful figures trespass into the present. This book attempts a reconciliation between these two irreconcilables. Modernity has neutralised many sensual aspects of our existence that ancient people would have taken for granted, such as gutting (and smelling) dead animals. Through a series of case studies the authors show that the past can be better sensed. They explore aspects of prehistoric life as experienced by people in the past, such as their dwellings, artefact production, food and drink, disposal of the dead, moving through the landscape, and even procreation.

Paperback 160 pages (October 1, 2005) Publisher: Tempus Publishing Ltd ISBN: 0752434411

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